Savage World of Black Tokyo: The Bloodstrong

This week we’re looking at the Bloodstrong species, proud demon-hunting families with divine blood who trace their lineage back to the founding of Japan.

In the source material the Bloodstrong Men are instead practiced controlled incest and selective breeding to the point they advanced beyond humanity, reaching heaven through eugenics. Much focus is placed on the incestuous part of their culture, including racial abilities that are enhanced by — or even triggered by — sexual encounters with direct relatives.

I took a different approach, inspired by an obscure Role-Playing Game that never headed west called Ore no Shikabane wo Koeteyuke (の屍を越えてゆけ), which roughly translates as Over My Dead Body or Step Forward Over My Corpse. The plot involves a family of demon-hunters cursed to age rapidly, each dying of old age only 2 years after being born. Various goddesses pledge to help this family by, for want of a better term, mating with them and ensuring there is always another generation to carry on the fight.

I believe following this model I’ve created a species that pays tribute to iconic abilities of the original while still being balanced and fun to play within Savage Worlds. Hit the jump to see my results.

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Savage World of Black Tokyo: The Akaname

The Savage World of Black Tokyo is a passion project of mine, originally started to teach myself the Savage Worlds ruleset by converting a pathfinder campaign setting over into it. I’m going to preview most of the species (not races, long story) and iconic frameworks here on my blog while I work on the full document. Today is the Akaname, a bold choice based loosely on a yokai from Japanese folklore; a hunched imp-like monster that haunts unclean spaces and licks the filth off of dirty bathrooms.

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Curses in Fate

Last year my best friend and I saw Maleficent in theatres. Not by choice, but he used emotional blackmail to ensure I was there, so I wasn’t in the best of moods as I watched the plot break under it’s own weight.

And so as I sat there, listening to some amazing episodes of The F-Plus — under the pretense that my noise-isolating headphones helped me cope with the film’s excess volume —I decided to at least get something good out of the cinematic trainwreck I was watching.

And that’s where the idea of modelling curses hit me. Specifically modelling curses in Fate. Check after the break for how I did it, and how somebody else improved it.

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Testing out new software

Hello? Is this thing still on?

Hello, The Management here. One of the things that’s been keeping me from updating this blog (apart from my crippling laziness) is that Windows Live Writer is dodgy and writing via WordPress’s interface is a clunky resource hog.

I’ve got a macbook now, since apparently I need one to be a Creative. So hello new mac-based software for blogging. Hopefully this posts clean and clear, so I can get back to writing. Just a pity that actual text-editing with a mac isn’t as easy…

Things that should be up in the future:

  • The prelim work I’m doing on my Powered By The Apocalypse game, The Red Gate: Tokyo Twilight. Can you say monster-hunting biker gang?
  • Things I’ve been messing around with Fate in, including curses inspired by Maleficent (almost a year too late to be relevant).

See you in less than a year. Probably. Breakfast Cult and Killing Floor 2 are out, so all bets are off.

With My Father’s Bow: The Final Fantasy Fate Ranger

Still working on Stockings & Steam, but that’s on the backburner as I reconsider the focus of the game (it’s now more on the concept of change, and people caught inbetween forces).

In the meantime I’ve been messing around, and came up with the idea to do a treatment of Final Fantasy in Fate Core. Nothing special, but enough for people to pick some classes and try to make their own adventures.

The jobs are made using the Profession concept in the Fate System Toolkit. Source material for aspects, skills, equipment types, powers, and stunts come from a variety of sources including Final Fantasy d6 by Dust, Final Fantasy d20, RETURNERS Final Fantasy RPG 3rd Edition, and the Job section of the Final Fantasy Wiki.

Today I’ll present what I have so far, The Ranger. A job first introduced in Final Fantasy 3 that has become relegated to only appearing in the MMOs and tactics games, I was drawn to its seeming simplicity. As I soon discovered, there is a lot more depth to it than I had suspected, especially since I had burned through FF5 so many times without touching it.

Results are up after the break.

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