With My Father’s Bow: The Final Fantasy Fate Ranger

Still working on Stockings & Steam, but that’s on the backburner as I reconsider the focus of the game (it’s now more on the concept of change, and people caught inbetween forces).

In the meantime I’ve been messing around, and came up with the idea to do a treatment of Final Fantasy in Fate Core. Nothing special, but enough for people to pick some classes and try to make their own adventures.

The jobs are made using the Profession concept in the Fate System Toolkit. Source material for aspects, skills, equipment types, powers, and stunts come from a variety of sources including Final Fantasy d6 by Dust, Final Fantasy d20, RETURNERS Final Fantasy RPG 3rd Edition, and the Job section of the Final Fantasy Wiki.

Today I’ll present what I have so far, The Ranger. A job first introduced in Final Fantasy 3 that has become relegated to only appearing in the MMOs and tactics games, I was drawn to its seeming simplicity. As I soon discovered, there is a lot more depth to it than I had suspected, especially since I had burned through FF5 so many times without touching it.

Results are up after the break.

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Elvan 3: Who and Where

Part 3 of my short Elvan series, which was sadly delayed by some drama between friends. Here we have a very short list of important characters and locations pertaining to the Elvan. Players will be most fortunate if they never encounter any of these, but fortune is something you create in Stockings & Steam.

See them after the jump.

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Elvan 2: The Elvarii Nation

Day 2 of Elvan coverage, and today we’re looking at the concept of the Elvarii Nation, what is is, how it came about, and what it means for modern Victoria City. Tomorrow I’ll be covering all the relevant Faces, Locations, and Patrons of the Elvan, as well as some plot seeds based off of them.

All that and more, after the break.

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First Peoples: Introducing the Elvan

One of my goals with Stockings & Steam is to create an interesting take on both steampunk and noir, and I decided to use nor-human races to explore themes of difference and racism. The first one to be included was of course elves, but I didn’t want them to be the traditional pointy-eared adventurers we all know and love from the dungeons of dragons or the running of shadows.

Today I’m presenting a very general overview of the elvan, and provide rules for playing one via the Races extra (more on that later). We’ll be looking more in-depth at the various tribes of elvan, and the concept of the Elvarii Nation, in tomorrow’s update. The day after that will be notable Factions, NPCs, and Locations centred around the elvan in Victoria City and Ayellon at large.

Juicy details after the break.

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Resuming Normal Service

Hi all,

The Management here, just letting you all know that I’m back to blogging. It’ll almost exclusively be about Fate Core and other RPGs, so no need to worry about boring things like real life getting in the way.

Currently trying out new desktop blogging software, because literally anything is better than manually entering posts via WordPress’ interface. Zing. Might have to go back to Windows Live Writer if it doesn’t work out.

Is this a success? We’ll see when it lands fresh in my posting list.

In other news: Got a lot of stuff planned for Stockings & Steam, my Fate-Core-powered steampunk noir horror setting. This is Unofficial Elf Week, so I’ll be posting literally everything I have about the elvan and their place within the modern Anglean Empire. It won’t be pretty, and it really won’t be sparkly.

Today’s Lesson: It is never too late to return.


Stockings & Steam: Introducing the Knight

Stockings & Steam is a campaign setting I am working on, based on the latest revision of the Fate Core draft rules. It is a steampunk Victoriana game that’s based around the typical character-driven Fate gameplay and actually making Victoriana fun.

It was born out of the D&D Next open playtest, before transferring to Fate Core as that game was kickstarted. It started out as a joke name, but has grown into a vibrant and interesting world that my players are always eager to play in.

Today I’ll be showcasing one of the character archetypes of the setting, a guideline for character creation in the vein of the venerable Dresden Files RPG. This is the Knight of the Realm, a person who has found themselves caught between the past and the present, empowered and trapped by their title and duties. Included is the Knight’s Remnants, an extra every Knight of the Realm must take and a bargain considering the cost.

Over the coming days and weeks I’ll be detailing other archetypes of the setting, starting next with either The Magician or The Engineer.

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