Thoughts on Blades of Fate

Recently I saw an article from Rob Donoghue, the quiet man of Fate RPG design, dealing with Blades In The Dark and applying its lessons to Fate. Give it a good long read, very informative. He ends up outlining a framework for using Blades-style resolution mechanics with fudge dice, a system he calls Blades of Fate.

HIt after the break to see my thoughts on the system, including parts Rob left incomplete.

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Curses in Fate

Last year my best friend and I saw Maleficent in theatres. Not by choice, but he used emotional blackmail to ensure I was there, so I wasn’t in the best of moods as I watched the plot break under it’s own weight.

And so as I sat there, listening to some amazing episodes of The F-Plus — under the pretense that my noise-isolating headphones helped me cope with the film’s excess volume —I decided to at least get something good out of the cinematic trainwreck I was watching.

And that’s where the idea of modelling curses hit me. Specifically modelling curses in Fate. Check after the break for how I did it, and how somebody else improved it.

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