Savage World of Black Tokyo: The Ironclub Oni

This week we’re looking at the oni, one of the more famous and infamous creatures of folklore, creatures of great strength and honesty. Black Tokyo created a smaller bloodline of oni, the Ironclub clans, to explain how they can intermingle with urban society without standing out more than the average catgirl or android.

Hit the break to see what they look like.

Ironclub Oni (鬼の鉄棒)

Brief: Large and powerful ogre-like creature from Japanese folklore. The strongest there is.


— Beer For Blood (+2): Ironclub oni love nothing more than a good drink or twelve. They start play with the Liquid Courage edge.

— Blunt Force Trauma (+1): Ironclub oni gain a +2 bonus to damage rolls when attacking with a blunt or bludgeoning weapon.

— Large (+1): Ironclub oni often reach 7’ tall. This gives them a size of +1 and adds 1 to their Toughness.

— Outsider (-2): Ironclub oni aren’t trusted by the more civilised races, and have Charisma -4.

— Strong (+2): Ironclub oni start with a free d6 Strength attribute instead of a d4.

— Too Honest (-2): Ironclub oni are created honest, and even telling half-truths make them feel uneasy. An ironclub oni attempting to knowingly lie must make a Spirit roll at a -2 penalty or blurt out the truth regardless.

Species Background Edges
The following edges are available only during character creation.

— Motorbreath Oni
Requirements: Ironclub Oni, Driving d8+, Repair d8+
You have a +2 bonus to Driving checks, as well as Repair checks made to fix motor vehicles. Your Blunt Force Trauma racial ability also applies to damage dealt by you ramming or otherwise hitting people with a vehicle under your control.

— Oni’s Skin
Requirements: Ironclub Oni, Vigor d8+
Choose a type of damage, such as fire or cold. You have Armor +2 against that damage type.

— Stronger Than Strong
Requirements: Ironclub Oni, Vigor d8+
You have a pool of 5 Power Points, which recharge at a rate of 1 per hour and are unaffected by Rapid Recharge. You can spend these Power Points only to use the boost/lower trait power, and only to increase your Strength die, with your Vigor die as the arcane skill.

— Yama-Uba
Requirements: Ironclub Oni, Female
You have a +4 bonus to resist cold environmental effects, and have a +2 bonus to Stealth checks made in snow and icy environments.

Surprisingly honest for a creature so simple, took me much longer than I expected to develop. Hopefully our next subject, the humble catgirl, will both be simple and stay true to the countless examples from the realms of anime and manga. (Hint, it’s not)


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