Savage World of Black Tokyo: The Dodoma

The enigmatic Dodoma. Described in the source material as a race if natural thieves who are covered in 108 eyes. This seems horribly impractical to me, both in terms of always being treated as a thief, and that you can’t sit or lie down without putting a load of pressure onto a bunch of your eyes.

See how I converted them into SW after the break.


Brief: The Dodoma are a humanlike species of the Tatakama, with countless eyes hidden within their flesh, impossible to see unless opened. They are natives to the twilight realm, rarely crossing over into the modern world due to their unique appearance.


— 108 Eyes: Dodoma use their countless eyes to watch their own back and see attacks coming. Dodoma can see in every direction and gains a +2 bonus to vision-based Perception rolls.

— Hindrance (Minor): Outsider. Dodoma are a natural thief-race and have an untrustable air about them. A dodoma has a -2 penalty to Charisma.

— Natural Thief: Slight of hand come naturally to the dodoma. They receive the Thief edge without having to meet its requirements.

— Thief’s Step: Can give yourself the Ethereal monsterous ability for 1 round by making a successful Vigor roll. Increase the duration by another round for each raise. The Vigor roll has a culmulative -1 penalty for each previous time you’ve made the roll since a long rest.

— Unaverted Gaze: Dodoma cannot truly look away. They cannot avoid sight-based effects such as a flashbang grenade or laying eyes on a gorgon.

Species Background Edges
The following edges are available only during character creation.

— Dodoma Precision
Requirements: Dodoma
You start with a free d6 in Reapir.

— Eyes of Ink
Requirements: Dodoma
You can transform your eyes into magical tattoos or back again as a full action. While tattoos you lose both the 108 Eyes and the Unaverted Gaze racial traits, and pass for human.

— Magic Eyes
Requirements: Dodoma
Dodoma have a pool of 5 Power Points, which recharge at a rate of 1 per hour and are unaffected by Rapid Recharge. They can spend these Power Points only to use the Detect Arcana power, with their Smarts die as the arcane skill.

— Spirit of Disease
Requirements: Dodoma
You are immune to poison and disease. Non-Dodoma living creatures that spend more than a day around you suffer a -2 penalty to Fatigue checks to resist poison and disease.

And there we have it for the Dodoma. Later today I’ll be finishing off and posting a number of basic classes, to show how I’m handling class in this system.



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