Savage World of Black Tokyo: The Dhampir


Several weeks (months?) late as usual, here is the latest in the never-ending series of species options for The Savage World of Black Tokyo. Today on the slab is the Dhampir, which was one of the new species created for the Neon In The Dark species sourcebook.

This shows one of the principal rules of converting a setting from one system to another: Work with what you’ve already got. Savage Worlds already has several unofficial Dhampir builds far greater than I could make, but I still had to convert over the background edges myself from the source material. See the fallout after the break.

This version of the Dhampir was created by Talisman, as found on the Unofficial Races page of the Savagepedia. The Traits are their work, however the Species Background Edges are my own work based on the Dhampir found in the Black Tokyo sourcebook Neon in the Dark: The Strange Heroes of the Black Tokyo Campaign Setting.


Brief: Dhampir are people caught between human daylight and vampiric night, a mixture of natural and unnatural bloodlines. This type of character is popular in modern supernatural and heroic fiction, from Marvel’s Blade to Hellsing’s Alucard.


— Deadly Instincts: Due to their instinctive understanding of the undead, dhampir gain a +1 bounus to Parry and to Fighting rolls when fighting undead.

— Strong Spirit: Dhampir must have strong wills even to live beyond the womb. They start with a d6 in Spirit instead of a d4.

— Low Light Vision: Dhampir ignore penalties for Dim and Dark lighting.

— Hindrance (Major): Sunlight vulnerability. A dhampir is considered to have one level of Fatigue whenever he is in natural sunlight. This Fatigue level cannot be healed, but goes away immediately at sunset.

— Hindrance (Minor): Outsider. The living instinctively sense and distrust a dhampir’s death-touched nature. A dhampir has a -2 penalty to Charisma.

Species Background Edges
The following edges are available only during character creation.

— Vampiric Soldier
The Dhampir is lethally competent, with the blood of undead warrior-kings coursing through his veins.
Requirements: Dhampir, Fighting d8+
Dhampir deals an additional +1d4 damage with slashing weapons, such as swords and axes.

— Vampiric Stalker
You move and kill without a sound.
Requirements: Dhampir, Stealth d8+
Dhampir add +1 to to the stealth bonus granted by conditions of low light as well as the stealth bonus granted by cover. Attacks made to hit a dhampir in any form of cover suffer an additional -1 penalty.

— Vampiric Wall-Walker
The Dhampir can scurry along walls or across ceilings as adroitly as a spider.
Requirements: Dhampir, Climb d8+
Dhampir can climb at their base pace, and add +2 to all Climbing rolls.

I’ve used a lot less source material to make the Dhampir than I have any other species so far, so I thought I would mention some of the abilities I chose to exclude.

While taking inspiration from half-vampires, the original also attempted to reflect popular half-demonic heroes such as Dante, Virgin, and Nero from the Devil May Cry series, as well as the titular character from Hell Teacher Nube. Included there, but not here, was the option to have an infernal limb act and attack of its own accord, effectively giving you a free attack each round you have no control over. The Devil Bringer it ain’t.

There were also options to be a kyonshee, which includes increased acrobatic ability but you have to move around by hopping and take extra movement to turn. Also something called Profane Vampire Phallus, which is yet another way for a male character to turn their penis into a spear. The results are very ugly.

Next up for Species is the Dodoma, and I’ll start to reveal the way I’m handling converting over character classes beyond just the use of starting archetypes.


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