Savage World of Black Tokyo: The Daughter of Kirin

Another week, another species from The Savage World of Black Tokyo. This time in the spotlight is the Daughter of Kirin, which seems to have been inspired by the kirin armour set from Monster Hunter. In fact, the source book calls out Monster Hunter as a reason to play this species.

Horses hold an important place in Japanese culture and history. The first samurai were mounted archers, and even with the coming of gunpowder weapons the cavalry charge was a force of destruction. In modern Japan war has turned to play, and horse-racing is one of only a few sports that allow gambling on results.

I’ve been getting better at using what the system already has rather than reinventing the wheel, so what at first seemed like a difficult job was actually revealed to be relatively simple once I had a look at various Savage Worlds animals. Hit the break to see how this unique species translated.

Daughter of Kirin (キリンの娘)

Brief: The Kirin, or Q’rin, is a celestial being in the mythology of many East-Asian nations; thundering through the heavens, his goat-stallion stampede heralding the rains. Occasionally he sires daughters with the mares of modern Japan, raised in secret by their farmer foster parents.

Daughters of Kirin possess two powerful equine legs and a prominent horn jutting from their forehead, and love nothing more than races and long-distance running.

Daughters of kirin are a vanishingly rare species, and less than one hundred are known to exist in modern Japan.


— Gore (+2): If a daughter of kirin can move at least 6” before physically attacking with their horn, they add +4 to their damage roll.

— Horse Sister (+2): Daughters of kirin gain a +2 bonus to Riding and Persuasion rolls made against horses and similar creatures. They can communicate with horses as though continuously using a combination of the beast friend and speak language powers.

— Racial Enemies (-2): The Kirin is a messenger of the gods, and his daughters are champions against the darkness. They suffer a –4 Charisma penalty when dealing with Demons and with Undead.

— Touch Not the Earth (+2): Daughters of kirin do not leave a normal trail, seeming to walk over the ground instead of touching it. Attempts to track a daughter of kirin have a –4 penalty.

— Vegetarian (-2): Daughters of kirin become Fatigued if they consume meat or animal products.


Species Edges

The following edges are available only during character creation.

— Mother’s Daughter
Daughters of Kirin would not exist without their mothers.
Requirements: Daughter of Kirin
Effect: Choose one of the following parentage:

  • Clydesdale-Ko: Your mother was a mighty clydesdale, prized for her sheer size. Increase your Size by +1. Your Strength die is considered one step higher when calculating your load limit (d10 instead of d8, etc).
  • Draught Horse-Ko: Your mother was a sturdy draught horse, prized for her stamina. Reduce the encumbrance penalty for exceeding your load limit by 1.
  • Nara Shika-Ko: Your mother was one of the graceful sika deer that live within the sacred forest of the Murakami Shrine complex. Your Horse Sister edge also applies to deer, and you gain +2 to Survival rolls made in forested environments.
  • Thoroughbred-Ko: Your mother was a champion thoroughbred, prized for her speed. You have base pace 10, and roll a d10 when running instead of a d6.

— Thunder Horn Kirin
Your horn crackles with the same lightning as your father.
Requirements: Daughter of Kirin, Strength d8+
Effect: Gore attacks with your horn deal an additional +1d6 electricity damage.

A much simpler conversion than I had first feared, felt good to try something new with the multi-option parentage instead of inventing a new kind of edge. Note that one ability in the source material was for a Daughter of Kirin to give a bonus to overcoming poison via pissing on people. According to my papers the next species on the list is the Dhampir, so we can get our Hellsing on and go murder some vampires.

Each one of these I do brings me closer to the cultural templates and classes, including facing the challenge of how I’ll be adapting classes into a fiercely class-less system like Savage Worlds. Let’s see if I can pull that off.


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