Testing out new software

Hello? Is this thing still on?

Hello, The Management here. One of the things that’s been keeping me from updating this blog (apart from my crippling laziness) is that Windows Live Writer is dodgy and writing via WordPress’s interface is a clunky resource hog.

I’ve got a macbook now, since apparently I need one to be a Creative. So hello new mac-based software for blogging. Hopefully this posts clean and clear, so I can get back to writing. Just a pity that actual text-editing with a mac isn’t as easy…

Things that should be up in the future:

  • The prelim work I’m doing on my Powered By The Apocalypse game, The Red Gate: Tokyo Twilight. Can you say monster-hunting biker gang?
  • Things I’ve been messing around with Fate in, including curses inspired by Maleficent (almost a year too late to be relevant).

See you in less than a year. Probably. Breakfast Cult and Killing Floor 2 are out, so all bets are off.


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