With My Father’s Bow: The Final Fantasy Fate Ranger

Still working on Stockings & Steam, but that’s on the backburner as I reconsider the focus of the game (it’s now more on the concept of change, and people caught inbetween forces).

In the meantime I’ve been messing around, and came up with the idea to do a treatment of Final Fantasy in Fate Core. Nothing special, but enough for people to pick some classes and try to make their own adventures.

The jobs are made using the Profession concept in the Fate System Toolkit. Source material for aspects, skills, equipment types, powers, and stunts come from a variety of sources including Final Fantasy d6 by Dust, Final Fantasy d20, RETURNERS Final Fantasy RPG 3rd Edition, and the Job section of the Final Fantasy Wiki.

Today I’ll present what I have so far, The Ranger. A job first introduced in Final Fantasy 3 that has become relegated to only appearing in the MMOs and tactics games, I was drawn to its seeming simplicity. As I soon discovered, there is a lot more depth to it than I had suspected, especially since I had burned through FF5 so many times without touching it.

Results are up after the break.

Job: Ranger

“Break out of your shell. Attack without doubt, and you will understand.”
—Dissidia and Dissidia 012, Marksman Lore

The Ranger is a skilled hunter, preferring to attack from the cover of undergrowth than face threats head on. The Ranger is an expert at getting exactly where they need to be, exploring the wild with a learned familiarity for the terrain and local creatures. The Ranger is equally likely to be a defender of nature as they are its oppressor, felling people or great beasts with longbow or rifle.

To Become A Ranger

  1. Select one of the aspects below, or create a similar one that suits your character.
  2. Complete the skill pyramid.
  3. Pick a weapon and a piece of armor from the equipment list.
  4. Gain any and all powers listed.
  5. Select 2 stunts. They may be from the common stunt list or the Ranger stunt list below.


Enchanting Elf Archeress; Dust Valley Desperado; Your Friendly Neighbourhood Monster Hunter; Warden of the Ash Woods; With My Father’s Bow


  • Great (+4): Acrobatics or Athletics
  • Good (+3): Notice or Shoot, one other
  • Fair (+2): Craft or Survival, two others
  • Average (+1): Any four skills.



  • Boomerang (Throw, Weapon Rating 2)
  • Bow (Range 2, Two-Hand, Weapon Rating 3)
  • Knife (Small, Weapon Rating 1)
  • Rifle (Range 3, Two-Hand, Weapon Rating 2)


  • Light Armor (Armor Rating 0)


<!> Animals

You may call for aid from the creatures of the wild. Spend a Fate Point and make a Mediocre (+0) roll to determine what answers you call. You can select either the result you rolled or any lesser result.

  • Great (+4): A resplendent unicorn blesses you with its ethereal presence. You and all allies recover all stress and mana.
  • Good (+3): A wild boar charges into a single enemy, goring them with a good (+3) weapon rank 3 attack.
  • Fair (+2): A wayward skunk sprays a zone, making two good (+3) attacks. Everybody in that zone rolls acrobatics to defend against the blind condition, and then rolls toughness to defend against the poison condition.
  • Average (+1): A pesky falcon dives at an enemy, pecking and slashing to make a fair (+2) weapon rank 2 attack.
  • Mediocre (+0): A momonga zooms in at high speed, making a fair (+2) attack against a zone. Each enemy in that zone rolls Athletics to defend against the paralysed condition.
  • Poor (-1): A flocks of nightingales circle just overhead. You or an ally can recover 2 physical stress and the blind and poison conditions.
  • Terrible (-2): A swarm of bees erupts into the scene, stinging everybody in a single zone with fair (+1) weapon 1 attacks.
  • Awful (-3): A squirrel makes a fair (+1) weapon rank 1 attack against a single enemy.
  • Abysmal (-4): A mysidian rabbit hops by. It is useless but very cute.


  • Advice: +2 to create advantage with Survival by analysing a monster.
  • Aim: When you create advantage with Shoot by taking careful aim at a target, you get an additional free invoke.
  • Barrage: When you attack with Shoot, you can make up to four separate attacks against enemies sharing a zone. For each attack beyond the first, all attacks suffer a cumulative -1 penalty.
  • Called Shot: You can create advantage with Shoot to inflict any of the following conditions: Blind, Silence, Stun.
  • Last Shot: You can spend a fate point to automatically succeed on a Shoot attack, dealing stress equal to the attack’s weapon rating. However you are now out of ammo until you have a chance to acquire more.
  • Longshot: Increase the range of your ranged weapons by 1.
  • Minor White Magic: Select two average white magic spells. You can cast them as though you were a white mage.
  • Moderate White Magic: Requires Minor White Magic. Select one fair white magic spell. You can cast it as though you were a white mage.
  • Strider: Ignore difficult natural terrain such as an overgrown forest floor or shifting sands.

Today’s Lesson: Just shoot it.


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