Elvan 3: Who and Where

Part 3 of my short Elvan series, which was sadly delayed by some drama between friends. Here we have a very short list of important characters and locations pertaining to the Elvan. Players will be most fortunate if they never encounter any of these, but fortune is something you create in Stockings & Steam.

See them after the jump.


Celador Summer Stag

Aspects: Cy Cwynhule’s Wisdom • The Prince of Summer • The Red Stag of the Maswy

Celador Summer Stag is an elvan exalted, born from the wisdom of Cy Cwynhule as he lay dying. He sees the value in preserving the old ways, the spirit of the laws instead of the letter, and so leads by example in the Inner and Outer Dales. He appears to the Maswy when most needed, taking the form of a red stag often, or rarely as an elvan with extensive antlers.

Celador is the least well known of the four exalted, and has never left the Dales of his kind.

Elalie Burning

Aspects: Cy Cwynhule’s Passion • Drunk with Fire • The Maiden of Spring

Elalie Burning is an elvan exalted, born from the passion of Cy Cwynhule as he lay dying. She is a roaring fire, the bubbling wellspring of high spirits, two young lovers embracing, and the season of spring. She rules alongside the Kal-Varathi, rather than over them, seeing herself as part of the family rather than as a figurehead, although she would never turn down the perks of the title.

She is always on the move, appearing in and disappearing from travelling troupes of her kind, but her main base is in the extensive camps just outside Victoria City. She wants her people to be accepted more, but has difficulty taking and handling responsibility and prefers others to lead in her place.

High Cwyn

Aspects: Cy Cwynhule’s Authority • The High King of the Elvarii Nation • The Unbowed Winter Star

High Cwyn is an elvan exalted, born from the authority of Cy Cwynhule as he lay dying. He is winter, order, and truth. He appears as an elderly and regal elvan man, radiating an aura of respect. Elvan are compelled to kneel in his presence.

High Cwyn established the Elvarii Nation, and rules as the High King of all elvankind. He holds the original laws of Cy Cwynhule, and expects the elvan to adhere to them and revere him. He founded the Lawspeakers to police these laws, and sees the other exalted as misguided at best and enemies at worst.

He is a member of many societies, the crown-funded Royal Circle being the most visible and prestigious, and uses his influence to promote greater scientific understanding of the world.

The Mórríghan

Aspects: Cy Cwynhule’s Shadow • Shandowel Queen in Exile • The Widow of Autumn

The Mórríghan is an elvan exalted, born from the regrets of Cy Cwynhule as he lay dying. She is his shadow, the parts of himself he could never admit to until the very end. She represents strife, decay, and disunity, the end of one life and the beginning of the next. She appears as a Shandowel woman in her middle age, with dark green hair and green lips, but still keeping her grace and beauty. Elvan are compelled to avert their eyes upon first meeting her.

She is Queen of the Shandowel tribes, the first of them born from the violation and despair she felt when the other exalted turned their backs on her. High Cwyn, recognising in her his own shortcomings and downfall, has proclaimed her the enemy. She is listed in the Elvarii Laws as a false elvan, a monster taken their form, and responsible for the death of Cy Cwynhule. Open worship of her is punishable by death, and the Shandowel are always regarded with suspicion. This is questioned, but never challenged.

She lives in exile, always on the move from one safe house to the next, never staying in one place longer than a few days. A tight-knit network of Shandowel and other dissident elvan keep her safe, shepherding her and helping avoid the attention of High Cwyn’s Lawspeakers.

She knows that, for Cy Cwynhule to be reborn, the other exalted have to accept her as a part of themselves. This will never happen so long as High Cwyn demands her head.


Kal-Varathi Camps

Aspects: Bustling With Life • Never The Same Faces Twice

A set of camps on the west side of Victoria City, big enough to be their own town. The Kal-Varathi established them as a semi-permanent residence for various caravans and families as they moved around Ayellon, and nobody in power has been able to get rid of it. The fact that it backs up on The Gallows, the notorious criminal district of Victoria, only enhances its reputation as a hive of scum and villainy.

While it gives the illusion of having a standing citizenry, closer inspection reveals that people are constantly arriving and leaving, meaning the overall layout of the camps are impossible to map with any accuracy.

If you know what to say, and know when to protect your coinpurse, you can have an enjoyable time amongst the families and revellers. There is always a performance going on somewhere, be it open air theatre, live music, or campfire dances. But always remember that they are allowing you in as a guest, and can throw you out at any time.

Meadowlark House

Aspects: A Safe Haven From High Cwyn • Guarded by Vengeful Ghosts

On Truppance Lane sits a sprawling and creaking old estate that has been converted into a boarding house. Many tenants are Kal-Varathi and Shandowel who seek to escape arrest by the Lawspeakers, or are letting the Meadowlark staff intervene on their behalf while the wheels of justice slowly churn.

High Cwyn, recognising that agents of his law are as fallible as any other elvan, has expressly forbidden his Lawspeakers from entering Meadowlark without permission from staff. Any who try to break this amnesty will find themselves quickly overwhelmed by guardian spirits of those who died by Lawspeaker hand.

The Autumn Palace

Aspects: Always on the Move • The Mórríghan’s Inner Sanctum

The Autumn Palace is whatever forgotten room or abandoned cellar The Mórríghan has taken up residence in. She is always on the move, so the Autumn Palace could be located anywhere within the greater Victoria City area at any given time. It is very sparsely furnished; her only luxuries a large plush red chair, an oil painting of Cy Cwynhule, and a small collection of wines that is restocked daily.

Getting into The Autumn Palace means she wants you to be there, her network of spies and allies always keeping watch to make sure she remains undetected. Trying to find it is a good way to end up missing, but only after ample warning.

The Tent Embassy

Aspects: We’re Not Going Away

A makeshift series of tents and other temporary accommodations set up in Seymoure Square, right outside the Lawspeaker headquarters. Representatives of the Maswy, Kal-Varathi, and Shandowel are always here, demanding an audience with High Cwyn and formal recognition of their races and cultures in Elvarii Nation law. The metropolitcan police know better than to get involved in Elvarii affairs, and they are not technically breaking any of High Cwyn’s laws, so they are here to stay.

Today’s Lesson: A stranger is just a friend you haven’t met.


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