Kickstart My Heart 2

I joined Kickstarter for the express purpose of backing the unstoppable behemoth that the Fate Core release has become. Go on, back it. Let’s see if we can break 200k!

However since then my eye has been drawn by several other projects that I’ve deemed worthy of parting with my hard-earned funds.

Through the Breach: A Malifaux Roleplaying Game

Malifaux has been a game that has always held allure for me since I discovered it last year. Although I am the worst person ever at paints and limb-pinning, and wouldn’t field a miniature battleforce if my life depended on it, the setting felt original and captivating.

So now they’re making an RPG based on the setting, and I cannot wait for it to come out. At the worst it’ll be stacked full of material to convert over to Fate Core. Go on, spend up big and you’ll get a custom doll!

Ehdrigohr: The Roleplaying Game

A Fate-derived game based on the kinds of myths and legends that you rarely see in roleplaying games. Mentioned by Fred Hicks himself over on the twitter, I can’t wait to see this be finished and shipped and in my grubby GM hands.

Like everything else on this list, Ehdrigohr has already met its modest funding goals. However, there are a bevy of stretch goals waiting for your dollar, most of them adventures to help flesh out this fascinating world.

Republishing: The World of Synnibarr

Raven C S McCracken is at it again. The legendary game designer who first birthed the legend that is World Of Synnibarr is asking Kickstarter for another chance to do it all again.

Synnibarr is a game I’ve never played, but the reviews of it tell a tale of a mad system full of flying cybernetic bears with lasers for eyes and monks punching people into the sun. How could I say no? Go on, look beyond the lackluster description and give all your money. Each stretch goal adds more of the original insanity back into the game.

After all, who doesn’t want to shoot Silent Exploding Arrows?

Fateful Encounter will be tomorrow, so hold onto your seatbelts.

Today’s Lesson: A list is as good as a discussion.