Fateful Encounter: Kickstart My Heart!

Welcome to the first edition of Fateful Encounter, and an apology. I was going to start this column off with a weapon I had created on the spur of the moment, however something spectacular has come up to delay the introduction.

Evil Hat Productions have launched a kickstarter for the newest edition Fate Core. They set a timeframe of 2 months to raise the required $3,000, but they underestimated the generosity and furore the game produces. It was backed in under half an hour, and as of this writing it has just broken $93,000! Amazing! Even just a pledge of $1 will get you access to the draft rules pdf, and the final version will be pay-what-you-want. All the stretch goals are great, especially the magic toolbox and extras toolbox, but all the contributed settings by freelance designers make it a worthwhile pledge regardless.

What I will say is: It’s good. Really good. Just from a cursory glance it seems the system has been really tightened up and smoothed out. Everything is written in a much cleaner and clearer tone, removing ambiguity in the process. My own personal confusion between Manoeuvers, Skill Declarations, Fate Point Declarations, and Assessments has been cleared up, which can only be a good thing.

I’ve personally pledged at the Consultation level, putting me a whopping $500 out of pocket. Worth every red cent. Hopefully with the full force of Evil Hat behind the design, I’ll be able to hammer out something that actually is balanced and fun.

What this does mean is that I have access to the beta, and plan to be running a session or two before the kickstarter is over. And no, I won’t be linking a copy here, got pledge the whopping $1 to get access if you so desperately want it. Geez.


So with all my gushing out of the way, I would like to announce I’ll be building all my Fateful Encounter entries with the Fate Core rules. I’m really excited for this and the sky is the limit.

See you all next week for the real first Fateful Encounter~

Today’s Lesson: Good things come to those who are willing to spend big.

Never fear!