FATE Bestiary — In Polite Company

Been another couple of weeks, so here we go with a creature from my Spirit Of The Sendai campaign. Today is the Kappa from Japanese folklore, and was suggested by the awesome Rei. I’ve had some awesome times recently, so expect a post tomorrow or so about the wedding and the convention. Also, dare I say goo-girl virus? (spoilers!)

Never fear!

The Kappa

Kappa are small imps or goblins from Japanese folklore. They inhabit ponds and rivers, and their hideous forms are covered in reptilian scales of many colours. Webbed hands and feet ensure they can swim faster than most fish, but they smell just as bad. Their most striking feature is a depression in the top of their head, which they carry water in while on land.

Kappa are like kittens: A curious combination of playfulness and pure evil. They love nothing more than to cause chaos, whether it is farting in public or drowning children. In fact, drowning is their speciality, preferring to drag enemies into the water and keep them under with superior grappling skills. Assuming, of course, they aren’t challenging you to traditional Japanese pursuits like shogi or sumo wrestling.


  • Mischievious Little Water-Imp (Concept): Kappa are river goblins, and live to cause mischief. From looking up kimonos to kidnapping children, their malice and lechery knows no end.
  • “Too polite for my own good” (Trouble): If Kappa have one flaw it is their manners. They always bow when bowed to in greeting, and if caught in an act of mischief have been known to apologise in writing!


  • Good (+3): Athletics
  • Fair (+2): Brawling, Weapons
  • Average (+1): All other skills


  • Fatal Weakness [+3]: If the water in the kappa’s head bowl ever spills out, the kappa is paralysed and cannot act.
  • Natural Weapons [1]: Unarmed attacks are Damage 1.
  • Small [1]: -1 Body Stress box. +1 to all rolls that involve small size being an advantage.
  • Waterborn [1]: Can move and breath underwater freely.

Vital Attributes

Refresh (0)


Kappa as Companions

It is possible to gain a Kappa as a companion, either through trickery or more serious means. Kappa display great loyalty to anybody they befriend, and their great decorum means they cannot break any oath once sworn.
Kappa companions come with all the same powers as normal Kappa.

Below are a couple of Kappa companions, a traditional Sidekick for combat and a more utility-minded Assistant.

Bonesplitter Kyuhen (Rank 1 Physical)

A vicious firebrand even compared to other Kappa, his heart was changed when he met somebody he could not defeat at roshambo. Now they travel together tighter than brothers, and his mean streak proves perfect in a tight corner.

  • Aspects: Vicious Little Bugger (C), Passion For Competition (T)
  • Advantages [1]: Independent
  • Powers: Fatal Weakness [+3], Natural Weapons [1], Small [1], Waterborn [1]


Red Gold (Rank 2 Mental)

Foul-mouthed and even more foul-tempered, Red Gold is a scholar amongst Kappa-kind. His knowledge of medicine and surgery could put human doctors of his age to shame. Tricked into swearing the Hippocratic Oath, he finds himself bound to heal humans no matter how much he would love to sink his razor teeth into a woman’s juicy thighs or chest.

  • Aspects: Hippocratic Oathkeeper (C), “Delicious girlmeat” (T)
  • Advantages [3]: Doctor, Independent, Quality (+1)
  • Powers: Fatal Weakness [+3], Natural Weapons [1], Small [1], Waterborn [1]