FATE Bestiary — High Spirits

Came in to work yesterday, there was this terrible smell of alcohol around my workstation. Went away after a while, but it got me thinking: What if that smell was alive?

Such madness is pretty normal for me, so I quickly jotted down some ideas and voila! A monster fit for the supernatural stupidity that goes on in Heaven Smiles. Who knows, might even add it into the novel during the re-write!

The Trinkengeist

A Trinkengeist, or drunk ghost, is literally ghost beer. It forms when a large enough amount of un-blessed alcohol evaporates, and inhabits the spirit realm as an alcoholic cloud or mist between 5 and 8 feet in width.

While lacking in true sentience, it actively hunts out places where people gather regularly and intoxicates them through contact.


  • Wandering Alco-ghost (Concept)
  • Pyrophobia (Trouble): Every Trinkengeist knows FIRE BAD! They fear it even more than Ringwraiths and wild wolves.
  • Smells Like A Good Time: The Trinkengeist reeks of whatever alcohol it was formed from. “You smell that? Somebody must have dropped a bottle in here…”

Skills [15 points]

  • Good (+3): Presence, Stealth
  • Fair (+2): Athletics, Endurance, Metaphysics
  • Average (+1): Alertness, Burglary, Willpower


  • Broad [1]: Takes up an entire Zone by itself.
  • Flight [1]: Floats around.
  • Incite Intoxication [1]:When it comes into contact with someone: Roll Metaphysics VS Willpower to give a Sticky Aspect based around intoxication OR roll Metaphysics VS Endurance to deal physical stress through alcohol poisoning. Consequences taken to reduce this stress must be Mental and based around intoxication.
    • (Suggestions for aspects/consequences: Blind As A Bat, Dutch Courage, Stinking Drunk.)
  • Invisible [2]: Cannot be seen normally.
  • Spectral Form [2]: Can pass through anything mundane, and ignores all physical Barriers.
  • Spectral Immunity [2]: Cannot be dealt physical stress by mundane attacks, with the exception of fire.

Vital Attributes

Refresh [-4]

Physical: ◯◯◯◯
Mental: ◯◯◯◯
Spiritual: ◯◯◯◯◯


The obvious way to make a Trinkengeist more powerful is to simply have it be made from a stronger alcohol. Vodka is a good candidates, as it has an additional benefit beyond hitting harder.

  • Aspects: Remove the aspect Smells Like A Good Time, because vodka does not smell like anything at all.
  • Skills: Increase Presence to Great and Metaphysics to Good
  • Powers: Give it some form of Incite Emotion (Dresden Files: Your Story), either anger, sadness, or extreme mirth.