FATE Faction — Dead Swingers

Hey all, back with something I’ve been working on for the past few days. An official faction writeup for the Dead Swingers, protagonists of my novel Heaven Smiles. This should make it super-easy to insert them into your game, despite the very limited amount of information I’ve provided here.

P.S. bonus points if you can work out where I borrowed the template from. No, it wasn’t Dresden Files this time!

Never fear!

Faction: The Dead Swingers

Behind the walls of the prestigious Saint Gallows Academy of Excellence in Execution, a secret class takes place every night. Gifted students, each with their own knack for survival and possible links to the supernatural, head out to hunt the nightmares that haunt our shadows. Far from being an officially recognised monster-hunting group, these ‘Dead Swingers’ of Class DS are more vigilante than mercenary. And every night they put their young lives on the line to pick up the slack of their more-experienced seniors. All that while surviving high school.


Methods & Motives

  • They are in the know about the supernatural, especially the kinds of monsters that prey on humanity.
  • They want an end to monsters attacking humans. However, this does not mean they desire the killing of all monsters, merely that humans are safe from them.
  • They can appear to be normal students. They blend in perfectly with the student population of the city, attending school during weekdays and having the weekends free to act like normal teenagers.
  • They can be found out on the hunt at night, the times when monsters are most active and their activities are least likely to be noticed by civilians. This is reactionary only, responding to attacks or sightings rather than patrolling like the professionals.


  • Very close to Saint Gallows Academy, who educate the Dead Swingers as part of the student body. They sleep in Gallows dorms, train on Gallows property, and their instructor Tyrian Edge is one of the Gallows teachers.
  • On good terms with The Higher Order, who often headhunt the best and brightest students to join the ranks of professional monster hunters post-graduation.
  • Opposed to The Nightmare Legion, the very monsters they have sworn to hunt. No peace is possible between them so long as the legion terrorise humanity.

Plot Hooks

  • Young Turks (One-shot). You’ve finally managed to corner the monster you need to interrogate, but unfortunately the Dead Swingers have their sights set on killing it instead!
  • Green Guns and Yellow Fever (One-shot). Your team has been approached by Tyrian to help mentor the Dead Swingers in hunting a particularly elusive and fearsome monster: The Yellow Mask. Can you keep them alive and sane against this sanity-eating monstrosity?
  • New Blood (Major). One night you’re witness to a monster attack, maybe even getting caught up in it. And then some kids from your school try to stop it! Can you get to the bottom of this?



  • The Next Generation of Hunters (Concept). Monster hunters have to start somewhere, and its far better to begin in an organisation that exists alongside your education rather than going it alone.
  • Overeager And Underage (Trouble). …however Dead Swingers have only the barest of training, often zero experience, almost no gear, and attempt to make up for this with sheer pluck. Not a good combination.
  • “May we all hang together.” The motto of Saint Gallows, and the unofficial creed of the Dead Swingers. Every member has this aspect, and it reflects their teamwork and ability to turn up and assist each other when most needed.


  • Fair Contacts
  • Good Resources
  • Good Investigation
  • Good Weapons
  • All physical Average


Physical    ◯◯◯ ◯ Mental      ◯◯◯


Dorm S (Location)

The Saint Gallows dormitory is where the Dead Swingers sleep and study. Many a hunt has been planned on the shared common room table, and much soul-searching and intimacy takes place within the small number of private bedrooms. Layout

  • Common Room (2 zones). A combination kitchen/dining room, and lounge with the bare necessities. The fridge is always stocked with all manner of alcohol and vegetables, and while the TV isn’t HD it does get cable. This fortress away from home is well built to withstand an attack, don’t be surprised to find spare knives in the fridge or a magic circle under the rug!
  • Private Bedrooms (1 zone each). Each student in the dorm has their own cramped but homely bedroom connected to the common room, barely enough space for a bed, wardrobe, and desk (the bed acts as a chair).


  • A Place For Your Head The Dead Swingers have their base of operations here, and it is where they feel the safest. Spending downtime with your team does wonders for mental recovery. All Mental Consequences recover one step faster while living in Dorm S.

Tyrian’s Office (Location)

Barely bigger than a broom closet, this is the brain of the operation. Tyrian Edge uses this as his office, both for teaching and investigating monster activities within the city. Just ignore the clothing hanging off the lines. Layout

  • The Entire Office (1 zone). But on the other hand, it’s such a tight space only four people can stand in it while the door closed. Clearly running sword fights and acrobatic gunplay are out of the question.


  • A Treasure Trove of Crypto-Info Tyrian uses his contacts to keep tabs on suspicious activity in the city that might be monsters. Combined with his casefiles and monster reports, this is one of the largest libraries of monster information in the country. You gain a +2 bonus to all Contacts rolls made to investigate important supernatural figures within the city, and a +2 bonus to all Lore rolls to research monsters.


Face: Tyrian Edge

The mysterious teacher who set up the Dead Swinger program and recruited the first ‘gifted’ students. He still oversees their training, despite not being a capable fighter himself. Not much is known about him, and he seems to have been working at Saint Gallows forever… Aspects: Father To His Students, Quiet As A Ghost, Working From The Shadows, “May we all hang together.” Skills: Good Connections, Good Knowledge, Good Lore, Superb Stealth, Average Willpower, All other physical skills Average, All other skills Fair Stress: Physical ◯◯◯, Mental ◯◯◯