Cobwebs and Sunrises

Hello all, you may have noticed I haven’t been updating this blog for a while. There are a couple of important reasons for that, let me give you a guided tour through them.

First off, my grandfather died. This hit me especially hard, as he was the last good grandparent I had left, but it is over with and I’m moving on with my life. The funeral was nice, you should have been there. Short but sweet, and really moving.

I’ve also got a job now. Had the interview the week after the funeral, and got straight in with both feet. Disability Works really came through for me on that one, and I’m grateful for everybody who supported me on the long lonely 2 year journey through the wasteland of unemployment. With the death and now this, really feels like a new chapter in my life. Guess that means I’m an adult now. Had to grow up at some point, eh?

I won’t give too many details, but I now work in an office and have to look after 4 floors of people. They’re good people, but need things to keep working, and that’s where I come in. Less said about it the better, really.

What this has done, however, is cut deeply into my time. I now get home around 6pm each day, and so have precious few hours to commit to my usual wastes of game playing, game designing, writing, and roleplaying. Bluagh. Just means what I do do ends up more focused, leaner, better, faster, stronger, etc.

Roleplaying wise, I’ve got 3 going on. First is Return To Daylight, the Pathfinder campaign that just refuses to stop. Recently we added in a fifth player, Starsong the elven pirate (yeah…), and he’s doing his best to earn the scorn and ire of the rest of the group. Always knew he had it in him.

Then there’s the unisystem game, where a ragtag bunch of random people are employed to hunt down supernatural problems and ‘solve’ them. The party is: A cop, a nurse, a gypsy, a monster hunter, a PI, and a werewolf bouncer. I’m the nurse (!), a chain-smoking and snarky woman who is a deeply devout member of her spiritualist church. Faith has its rewards, as she can heal with her hands and is looking into binding spirits and performing exorcisms.

Lastly is the weird one, the still-in-beta magical girl anime game Magical Burst. Beautifully stupid fun, as our gaggle of underage witches deals with youma, love, and domestic abuse (!). Last session I got to do a typical Sailor Moon speech to convince a little boy to help us, and it worked way too well to be healthy for his psyche.

And then there has been the numerous projects I’m still undertaking. Heaven Smiles, the whirlwind tour-de-farce that I wrote for NaNoWriMo last year, is still going to be edited and updated, just not posted here. Awww.  It’s going to be so much better too, as my mind is full of changes to make from the small (tighten up the dialogue here or there) to the drastic (adding another story arc to the second half). I’ll still be posting FATE stats for everything when I finish revising that part, so look forward to running your own games of HS at home.

In addition, I’m working on my own FATE sourcebook for the Final Fantasy games, truly a bad idea if ever I heard one! Expect that to never be spoken of again.

That about it? Yeah, seems that way. Everything else is still ticking along nicely, just thought I should give you all a heads-up now that I’m resuming regular updates. Come back in less than 48 hours to see what else I’ve come up with in these past few months.

Today’s Lesson: Life moves fast, so aim for the ankles.

Never fear!