After Action Analysis: Morning Forest

Tonight was the most recent session of my Return To Daylight campaign (#56, for those of you keeping score at home), and boy did stuff happen. Let me tell you about it:

The party had concocted an elaborate Ocean’s Eleven style heist, in order to infiltrate The Teahouse of the April Moon and hopefully find more clues about The Assassin. The previously collected head of an insectoid enemy (long story) was transformed via Disguise Powder to look like Rumi’s head, which would hopefully grant the party entry into the establishment.

Torik and Iona were chosen to be the people with the head. This turned out to be a very smart move for infiltrating a brothel, as Torik was a chaste cleric and Iona was a staunch hetrosexual. Guaranteed to not be seduced by the woman inside, at least not through normal means. In addition, they both drank Potions of Disguise to appear like typical local mercenaries, and Potions of Tongues to make sure they could communicate like the locals. Rumi and Shaarhu were to sneak in after them.

The deal went over easy enough, and a clerical worker inside gave Torik and Iona the services of 5 courtesans before heading upstairs with the head. He was followed by Shaarhu and Rumi, as the other two tried to resist the advances of the women. Torik detected faint Enchantment-style magic coming off of all of them, even the doorman and the worker now carrying the head.

The clerical worker unlocked a chamber, and his followers were shocked to discover the room was already occupied by… The Assassin! But something was very, very wrong. She was standing, staring ahead with a blank expression, and didn’t react to the man. Even her keen assassin senses didn’t detect the rogue and monk hiding right outside the door! He talked about the struggle finally being over, and how sorry he was that he would now have to kill her and the girls downstairs. Something about hiding the evidence.

The man clicked his fingers, and suddenly the courtesans turned violent. Iona erupted with her negative energy burst, nearly killing three of them, and was subsequently dog-piled. Amazingly, despite being flanked in all directions and even swooped at by a summoned giant bat, she only got hit once! A plump and curvy elf woman caught her in the shoulder with a set of spiked, and poisoned, brass knuckles.

Torik for his part used Dispel Magic to bring one of the women to her senses, and she fled the scene into the evening light. At that moment, Shaarhu struck, her fists and knees a flurry of motion as she managed to stun the man. Rumi followed up behind and cut his spine in half with his shocking katana and ice dagger. Poor bastard never had a chance under that onslaught.

With him dead, The Assassin suddenly jolted and collapsed into unconsciousness; as did the courtesans downstairs. All very mysterious. Slightly less mysterious when the man turned out to be Leaf-Tongue, the psion that had previously hampered Iona’s investigations.

The session ended with them planning to Speak With Dead with Leaf-Tongue, hog-tying The Assassin for transport, and dividing up the loot off of their bodies. It was quite a haul, with Rumi taking a Hat of Disguise and The Assassin’s daisho swords. Shaarhu randomly rolled a Ring Of Chameleon Power, making her now impossible to spot while Stealthed even if she rolled a nat 1, and took some Slippers of Spider Climbing. The two spellcasters had to pick between a Robe of Protection +2 and a Ring of Minor Spell Storing for their troubles.


The Post Mortem:

  • All of Leaf-Tongue’s crazy psionic powers went unused, but I’ll save them for a future adversary in the near future. Shhh, don’t tell anybody.
  • On that note, need to make anybody attacked by Shaarhu tougher, or at least more resistant to Death Attack/Stunning Fist


Original Work:

Below you’ll find the complete statblock for The Assassin’s weapons, which I’ve made available for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Maybe your villain will last longer than she did!

Don’t go publishing it elsewhere unless you credit me and don’t make money off it without my permission.


The Black Widow
Aura: Moderate evocation; CL: 11th; Craft Magical Arms and Armour, bleed; Price: +3 bonus each

The Black Widow is a daisho, a themed set of katana and wakizashi. The grips are made from leather-bound ivory, and the hilt of each depicts a stylised eastern dragon’s head with the blade coming out of its mouth.

When wielded separately, each of these two weapons count only as being Masterwork. However, when used together they become +1 Magical Weapons with the following effects.

  • Additional Wounding: Each hit the target gains a +1 increase to any ongoing bleeding. (If the target does not have any ongoing bleeding, they now have 1 point of it.)
  • Rend (Ex): If you hit a target with both katana and wakizashi in the same round, you deal an additional [ 1d6 + ( 2 x STR ) ] slashing/piercing damage on the second attack.
  • Tear The Wounds Open: On a critical hit the target gains a +2 increase to any ongoing bleeding, and then takes their ongoing bleeding damage. This replaces the +1 increase caused by Additional Wounding. (If the target does not have any ongoing bleeding, they now have 2 points of it.)


Today’s Lesson: Prostitutes are easy to dodge.

Never fear!