City of Light, flavour

As promised, here is my second post on City Of Light, the RPG I’m making for NaGa DeMon. I’ve decided that, since I only found out about it on the 11th of this month, I have until the 11th of December to finish. Sneaky move, eh?


“Nothing lies beyond the City’s walls. Nothing at all. And the Gentry pay us a pretty coin to keep it that way.”  —Argus Tal, Pathfinder


Welcome to The Wyld

An infinite and ever-changing landscape, littered with the remains of past civlisations and vibrant  with colour and life. This is no blackened husk of a dead world. Nature has found its way, and its return was greater than ever.

The skies are blue, the water is pure, and flora and fauna thrive in infinite varieties atop crumbling testaments to mankind’s past victories.

If you dare to walk these roads, to venture into the wild unknown, you will find adventure and excitement. And the means to riches beyond your wildest dreams, if you’re willing to pay the price…


All Roads Lead to The City

The City of Light stands as the one true landmark, a nation unto itself. The first and only bastion of man, no one knows how long it has stood against the beautiful void outside.

The Gentry stroll its cobblestone streets, clad in the latest fashions. Art galleries, fine dining, nights at the opera, all the decadence of the 1900s is here. And they pay a high price to keep their little utopia free from wyld taint. A city of smiling masks. A willing masquerade.


A More Perfect Union

As the Gentry dance their games of excess and intrigue, their weight must be held up least it all collapse. Members of the working class band together into Unions, to fight for coin, to explore The Wyld, and to keep their patrons blind and content.

It is into these ranks that you descend. The gladiator, the factory worker, the disgrace noble, the world-weary traveller, the Pixiedust addict, the cultist, the engineer, the mentalist savant, the monster wrapped in human skin; they are all your Brothers and Sisters in arms.


Long Live The City!