City Of Light: Core Statistics

No Heaven Smiles today, instead you get the City Of Light update you should have gotten yesterday. Yay!


Characters in City Of Light are made of four important aspects: Traits, Talents, Reputations, and Vitals

Traits all start at 1, can go as high as 4, and determine the number of dice you roll in any given situation. There are only three traits, and a beginning character has 5 points to divide between them.

  • Health is a measure of how hale and hearty you are, whether be it running across the landscape, trading blows with an almighty golem, or merely holding a trap open long enough for your allies to climb to safety.
  • Wits is the power to keep a cool head, and to be aware of all around you. Losing your wits is a sure sign of Darkness, as you are susceptible to manipulation and become oblivious to the truth.
  • Heart is how you connect to others, either through friendship or fear. Being in good spirits is vital to having allies, and keeping your Union strong.


Talents all start at d4, can go as high as d12, and determine the type of dice you roll in a given situation. There are a total of 9 talents, and a beginning character has 9 points to divine between them.

  • Athletics is your fitness, simple as can be. It covers a wide range of topics, from running and swimming to the dangers of combat. It gives you the fists to win a fight, or the feet to run away.
  • Awareness is your eye for detail and ear for trouble. Awareness can teach you not only about your surrounding, but also lets you peek into the hearts of others. A talent for both the paranoid and the social warrior.
  • Cunning is the art of lying, and misdirection. If you ever find the need to talk your way out of danger, or disguise yourself, then this talent will be your salvation.
  • Education is the sum of everything you have ever learned. Few from teh gutter ever receive any, and the Gentry have little love for learning it, making education the domain of the artisan and scholar.
  • Finesse is how good you are with your hands, from picking pockets to crafting wondrous items. Perhaps no other talent is more important for survival among the lower classes of The City Of Light, from the gutters and factories to the Artisan Guilds.
  • Manipulation is how well you can control people around you, whether by charm, leadership, or simply through threats. Necessary to climb the social ladder.
  • Might is your raw physical strength and toughness, for when all else fails. This talent will be tested endlessly through The Wyld, from great feats of stamina to resisting the worst diseases and poisons nature and fey can devise.
  • Resources is your worth to the uncaring world, how much wealth and possession you have. This is the domain of the Gentry, as they seem to burn more money in a day than an artisan would see in a lifetime of labour.
  • Willpower is the shield you wrap around your soul, to protect yourself from . If you desire to last five minutes in The City Of Light without becoming browbeaten or enslaved, or resist the tricks of the fey, then willpower of is of the utmost essence.


You also have Reputations, which have a value like Attributes but are a lot more abstract. Examples of common Reputations include Ladies Man, Iron Jaw, and Can’t Hold Her Drink.

If a reputation would assist you with a dice roll, you may choose to add that many bonus dice, then drop that many lowest results.

This will give you the same range of results, but with a skewed average. But be warned, when your reputation hinders your dice roll, there is a great risk. Should those dice be used and not lost, you will damage the trust your allies have in you.


Vital Statistics

You may be glad in the greatest aegis and surrounded by livelong friends, but every hero falls in the end. The question is not if, but when.

To protect yourself when your traits and talents fail you, are three vital statistics: Luck, Hope, and Trust.

  • Luck watches your back and twists the odds in your favour. It can be the only difference between being cut down and living to fight another day. Your Luck is equal to your Health plus the points you’ve spent on Finesse OR Might, whichever is highest.
  • Hope protects your heart, and soul, against the wickedness of the world. When everything seems dark, and your powers have abandoned you, hope is all you have left to cling to. Your Hope is equal to your Wits plus the points you’ve spent on Awareness OR Willpower, whichever is highest.
  • Trust is the most powerful of your statistics; the hardest to gain, and the easiest to lose. Trust keeps your allies by your side during sunup and sundown, and forges friendships made of steel. Your Trust is equal to your Heart plus the points you’ve spent on Cunning OR Manipulation, whichever is highest.


Your vital statistics act as dice soaks against the three kinds of damage: physical, mental, and social

  • Physical damage is the cuts and bruises the world stacks against you, the broken bones and split skin. It can come from sources as diverse as long falls down ravines, drowning in a rapid river, and even at the hands of some villain’s sword.
  • Mental damageclouds your mind and breaks your heart. It can be anything from the stress of backbreaking labour, the loss of faith from your powers failing, and even torture at the hands of a wicked fey.
  • Social damage cuts the deepest. Physical may break your bones and metal can break your mind, but social damage weakens the ties between you and your allies. There is no limit to how low your name can sink into the mud, until even the rats will not walk with you.