Campaign-specific Power Sources

Bit of a slow news day today. Was hoping to regale you with startling and magnanimous examples of homebrew FATE stunts for my Endless Skies settings, but instead I have some Pathfinder to show off.

Return To Daylight, my campaign setting, has an underlying theme of reaching power. There are many pathways to the same level of mastery, and characters of the same race and class can have wildly different backstories to reflect it.

So I’ve instigated a small suggestion system for player characters, to assist in constructing backgrounds and origins. At the moment there are no actual rules attached to this, so it’s purely for flavour, but my players have liked it so far.

Bloodline: You are descended from a naturally gifted family. Thought it still takes time and effort to increase in power, you were born with a head-start and a greater potential to your fellow mortals. Bloodline characters are further divided into purebred and mongrel. The former are direct descendants to their line, and often bear the name with pride. The latter come from side-families and watered-down lineages, and often have no idea of their inheritance.

Pact: Not everyone has the patience and the perseverance to achieve power through hard work. There are shortcuts, and one is to make a pact in blood, sweat, and tears with a supernatural  creature for a share of their power. But such deals are not without a cost, and you may find yourself bound to meet certain obligations or trapped under a geas. How much are you willing to sacrifice?

Ascended: In your darkest hour, when you felt your most powerless, everything changed. You witnessed a force known only as The Light, and became blessed with divine power. But it’s up to you where this blessing came from. Which god (or demon) watches over you? Why were you selected? Are you a prophet, or a mere pawn?

So there you have it. Not that this limits you to only selecting one for the rest of your character’s life. The tiefling Iona went from bloodline to pact when she was reincarnated by necrotic forces and her soul sworn to a long-dead emperor.

Today’s Lesson: Minigolf > movies, because you get a free weapon.