What the hell was right with me?

While talking about one of my JRPG ideas with a friend online, I suddenly remembered what the plot and characters used to be. Specifically, how dark and emo it once was. So I shared it with him, and I’ll be sharing it with all of you here now. Aren’t you lucky?

Remember while reading this, all these characters took shape while I was 15 and 16. And happy. I can’t stress enough how my life was good during this time frame. Which makes how pointlessly GRIMDARK it is a very weird anomaly.

Don’t worry about any of this being spoilers, everything has changed so much that you can’t even tell.

Gryan Cryheart: The main character, and ‘hero’ for want of a better term. An orphan who got into an exclusive airborne musician’s commune based purely on his talent, he always had a chip on his shoulder. But his singing voice hid a deadly power: Songblading. Don’t laugh, but he could harmonise with the same frequency as his weapon to make it vibrate a certain way, creating unique magical effects. And then their communal airship got shot down by mistake during the war, and he woke up on an operating table with a sword through his heart. He left on a mission to find fellow survivors, and start a new life.

Shalla Huyarden: Ecoterrorist caught up in the movement, actually being manipulated by her nation’s government. She gets tricked into sabotaging an airship so it crashes into what she thinks is a munitions factory. Actually, its a village, and her actions spark a war. Also she has a psychic dolphin as an ally. …Yeah.

Angelyque: An adorable adopted girl, and the youngest of three sisters. She’s secretly of divine origin, being a half-angel created to combine divine power with humanity’s infinite potential. Her sisters regularly bully and beat her, and her complete inability to control her powers only makes things worse. In combat, she’s a spellcaster, but has no control over what she casts.

Marl: A boy from Angelyque’s village, and her only friend. An orphan, who lives by himself in the burnt-out remains of a house on the edge of the village and hunts game with a bow. He learns special passive skills that deal more damage to (and gets more/better item drops from) different Types of enemies.

Fushia: A lesbian avenger. That’s all I remember of her character. Oh, and she used a hammer.

Morte: The angel of death, report as a female android with a cyber-scythe. …yeah. I was totally 15.

Seems pretty average, right? Just you wait.

The Shattered Sky: e.g. I totally ripped off Final Fantasy VI. Halfway through the story the frozen sky cracked (btw the sky had a ‘roof’ of ice. Should really have mentioned that earlier), and there was a 5 year time gap where the party split, and then Gryan (still a bad name since you last read it, btw) had to go find them again.

And boy did a couple of them change. Angelyque has become a bitter and twisted wandering child-protector, who is always seen as a child killer instead. Marl enlisted, becoming a child soldier, and putting his archer skills to good use as an emotionally-dead sniper. And Fushia and Morte didn’t get any characterisation because they’re not even 1-dimensional.

Also something about an Angel of Rape. With a very long spiked tail.

I was happy, I swear!


Today’s Lesson: If you find anything you made when you were 16, burn it. Burn it all to the ground.

Sweet swing sixteen~