Odds and Ends

Hey all my 0 readers.

Just a couple of knowledge bombs I want to drop on you all before normal posting resumes tomorrow. I’ll be looking at some character ideas I created years ago and have since ditched, so it’ll be a nice little time capsule for you all.

Before then, is now. Arf arf. What I want to talk about today is exercise, and jobhunting.

Finally got my national police check back. It said I have a clean record, and haven’t so much as gotten a parking ticket, let alone anything serious like arson or murder. Since my new job will involve being around disadvantaged people and children, showing my complete lack of criminal record should get me off to a good start.

With paperwork clutched in hand, I headed down to my Employment Services Provider and triple-checked everything. Unusually hot day, with the humidity only building with each passing hour, but by the time I reached my destination the clouds had come in and a cool change was threatening to engulf me.

True enough, I had to race the rain as I bussed and ran down to the job to hand in my paperwork, only to discover that they’re closed. And won’t open again until Monday. Cue sad trumpet.

The other news is I’ve added three new exercises to my reunite, all of them to do with weightlifting. I’ve got a pair of 5kg weights, and now have to do shoulder shrugs, lifts, and curls. 5 sets of 10 each, and more each time. My arms are burning beautifully, and I look forward to not being able to lift them tomorrow.

Today’s Lesson: Hot + Clouds = Biblical Flood