Returning to Return To Daylight

Hola, mi amigos.

So, with Raccoon City Burning well and truly behind us, I asked my group what they wanted to do in the now-open Thursday Afternoon slot. The overwhelming response was to get back into Return To Daylight, my ongoing Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 / Pathfinder campaign. And since this is my blog, thought I might as well do a reset on the campaign and what’s been happening.

Return To Daylight is set in my original world of Nel-Eresh, which draws on many traditional fantasy tropes with slight twists. The world is in constant flux, as races and religions rise and fall from prominence. But one thing is constant: the number 6. Six major races, six main religions, six corners of the world, six elemental forces, etc.

Current party:

Rumi’le Doorsmasher: Elf Rogue who lived a life of simple thievery in the city of Daylight, until one day his house collapsed deep into the ruins and caverns of the undercity. He comes from a long line of elves who have found themselves in exactly the wrong place at the right time, an entire family of spanners in the works. Since a twist of fate turned him into a drow, he has only grown in power, wielding a lightning-infused demonic katana and dwarven flintlock in battle and becoming the de facto party leader.

Iona: A mysterious and cruel Tielfing bounty hunter, she tried playing at heroics until a giant’s fury put her six feet under. Body still warm, a necromancer woke her from the eternal sleep for his own dark purposes, and she found herself crossing blades with the party. Once free of his dark influences, but not the pact that swore her soul to a spirit of The Nether world, she finds herself compelled to follow in his footsteps along the path of Dread Necromancy. All she remembers of her first life is the need to find her missing brother, and this influences her every decision.

Shaarhu: Monk born and raised in the oriental kingdom of Shin Rokago, Shaarhu is actually a spy and assassin for a powerful secret society. Wielding more power in her hands than most magical arms and armour, she is more than capable of taking care of herself. Ending up in the party over shenanigans involving a magical rod and shape-shifting insectoids, she has grown closer to them over time and now counts them as close allies.

Of course, no party even stays the same, and we’ve gone through a couple of members in the past:

Boko: A human Fighter and noble who had spent over a decade wandering the underground before meeting up with Rumi’le. His first ally, lover of bad puns, and the first player to leave the game. He decided to stay behind in the kobold settlement Koboldopolous and start a family.

Kai-Kara: Drider Sorcerer, who decided not to eat Rumi’le after their first meeting. A meeting with a god of trickery bound in a crystal ball saw her transforming into a leonine, and gaining a significant boost in arcane power. When the party liberated Bastion Weiss from its insane ruler Princess, she stayed behind to magically repopulate her new feline race.

Kara-Dor: Dragonborn Paladin who believed more in being Lawful than being Good. Held a couple other party members in contempt, and it came to a head when he tried to attack them. Stripped of his divine powers and killed, but he never wavered in his beliefs.

Kirakaas: Drow Assassin who passed through the party while they were still underground. He quickly left to report back to his house.

Alynn: Eladrin Magus from the Elemental Chaos, and the runaway prince of a floating kingdom. He adventures to find a way to repair his nation’s treasure, the legendary sword Umiryuuzaki Leviatine Jhorlaer, and acquired the magical rod that saw Shaarhu join the party. Has since left with the dwarf blacksmith Alhazred The Mad to find starmetal, but is involved in ongoing side-games and will rejoin in the future.

Sarl: Warlock from the Daylight Academy Of Magical Arts, who was set to be the party’s guide to recently discovered ruins right in the heart of the city. Inter-party (and irl) conflicts, and his obsession with busting into other character’s privacy, led to him dying at the hands of a broken magical item. His pact creature, a dryad, then held the city accountable for the death, and had to be dealt  with.

…yeah, so not the most stable party. At least in the early days. The current three have settled into their roles, and are undergoing character development nicely as they grow to know and trust each other. Their base of operations, the Valoria city of arts, magic, and trade Daylight is currently floating through the sky towards Shin Rokago, where new adventures and intrigue await. This will be the first time Shaarhu has come home since meeting the party, and the politics surrounding the Azure Throne is as complex as ever.

Today’s Lesson: If there are 4 players in your group, have one killed off so it won’t be you.

~Keep swinging~