Tasting the Burn

So I’ve been kind of lax with my exercise recently. Bad me. At this rate my heart really will die.

Which is why I’ve kicking it right back into high gear. Today did a full 20 minutes on the bike and a punishing set of wall push ups, will be doing the leg holds and planking in my bedroom within  the hour. And another set of that all tomorrow, out of step, to make sure I keep it going.

Actually, all this reminds me. Still haven’t talked on here about my exercise.

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I do at least 30 minutes of peddling on the bike, followed up by over an hour of low-impact walking. Every second day (so they overlap with the bike/walking on a fortnightly basis) are wall push ups, planking, and leg holds.

I do wall push ups because the floor in my house is really, really unsuited to normal push ups. The tiles make your hands slide everywhere, and the carpet is serrated and digs into you. Poor me, eh? So instead, I push off the wall at a steep angle, and hope to get progressively lower as I go.

Next up is the planking, which thankfully is the slowly-dying craze of falling off of high places while having your photo taken for TwitBook. Hold yourself in the air on your toes and forearms, and don’t move. Sounds simple, right? Totally isn’t. Works the abs harder (but safer) than situps could ever hope to do.

And lastly are my leg holds, which consist of lying on my back and holding my feet about 10cm off the ground, legs perfectly straight. Again, seems easy, but burns the gut quickly.

I would ask for feedback on what you all do for exercise, but I know for a fact that nobody has ever read my blog. That and comments are disabled.

Today’s Lesson: Falling off a balcony doesn’t make you popular. It makes you dead. And popular.

Warm up, Swing, cool down