My Boring Day 2.0

So this morning I should have been involved in the Final Fantasy Tactics RP that happens every weekend. Instead I went to see long-time friend Alynn (not his real name, obviously).

We played Four Swords, after I told him how free it was on the Nintendo eShop. Lots of insane fun, throwing people into pits and pulling monsters apart until they popped. Then we had Subway and I tried to talk him into some good ol’ fashioned Warhammer Fantasy RolePlay, but no dice. Not even the amount of elves in-game could sway him, and he loves his elves.

He gave me the installers for a bunch of free korean MMOs, and I might actually get around to playing one some time soon. Maybe this week.

But the good stuff happened when I got home. The rugby! Wales defeated Ireland in a beautiful display of skill on both sides, and then France beat down England in a display I’m calling “1066 Part 2”. And I hope to see more from France next weekend. They did Australia’s work for them by knocking out the English from the finals.

While that was going on, had the laptop out and was running an impromptue session of character creation for Warhammer Fantasy RolePlay. 2nd Edition, of course. My two players ended up creation a lanky (but very, very smooth) valet with more social graces than teeth, and a curvy (height + weight combo did that) apprentice wizard. Oh the insanity those two will get up to. Evil turnip invasions, traveling ork mistral shows, the lot.

So, my day started average, and got steadily better. Until you find me here now, watching youtube clips and trying to defragment my mess of an external HDD.

Today’s Lesson: How to survive the coming Carmageddon

Swing low sweet chariot.