They’re On To Me!

Just had a beautiful piece of paranoia fuel happen to me.

While discussing musical genres with friends on IRC, got linked to what I know know is the Conet Project track TCP D3 8 Magnetic Fields Irdial. My curiousity piqued, I asked which number station is was, and got the answer “The one that uses a Jean Michel Jarre song.”

To Google!

So I search for “Jean Michel Jarre number station”. And…

My internet dies. Completely. IRC, Trillian, Firefox, it all goes offline. My router sits there black, all lights dark. As I’m writing this update (in notepad!) it still hasn’t come back yet. Nothing seems to be wrong, it’s just… not connecting.

Guess the Higher Powers really are on to me now. I’m hoping this is just a warning.

Or, you know, a coincidence. Yeah, let’s go with the rational solution on this one.