The Fetish Battles Wiki: Spinobu

This is my first attempt at creating a fan-wiki-style article, in this case based on the works of kay255 and his series The Fetish Battles. Apologies in advance.

Spinobu was a ranking member of the UPA and opponent to Kay Storkson in the series The Fetish Battles. She is a drider, a human/spider hybrid that walks on six spider legs and has a normal human torso.

She had achieved Rank #28 within the UPA, before being defeated by Kay Storkson by proxy of his slaves and forfeiting the rank to him.



Community Service Arc:

Spinobu has only appeared so far in chapter 4 of The Fetish Battles, starring as the antagonist of that chapter.

An official UPA ranking match is arranged between her and Kay Storkson, to challenge her status as Rank #28. The location of the challenge is to be her hideout, beneath the reptile house of the Noose Town Zoo in the evening.

Because Kay is undergoing community service at the time, his slaves Blackfire and Nazi Chick take his place. They arrive at her hideout to find it empty, only for her to ambush them from the ceiling. Spinobu is able to individually trap her opponents with her spider silk, while distracting the other with ranged ninja weaponry and her katana The Drider’s Fang. However, she quickly runs out of silk and uses a defective smokebomb to retreat deeper into her lair.

Thinking she is safe, Spinobu freed the penis of one of her male victims and mounted him, attempting to replenish her silk supplies that way. However Blackfire has followed, and with a sneak attack knocks The Drider’s Fang from her hand. This successfully disarms her, making her lose the match, but she attempts to choke Blackfire until The Judge arrives to declare the winner.

Spinobu is imprisoned by members of the Noose Town cops with webthrowers, but her defiant grip on Blackfire’s neck is so strong that they have to use hammers to make her let go. In the end, Spinobu is moved to storage, awaiting Kay finishing his community service so that he can claim her as another of his slaves.



The Drider’s Fang: A legendary sword of the drider race, this katana has been wielded by royalty before eventually passing into Spinobu’s possession. The blade is unbreakable, and is made of a unique alloy that can cut anything.

Ninja Weaponry: Being a ninja, Spinobu wields a large number of ranged ninja weaponry, including shurikens and kunai.



Drider Mobility: Because of her race, Spinobu possess a large sturdy body and six legs capable of clinging to any surface. She can also walk on spider webbing without becoming stuck.

Drider Silk: All driders can secrete a very strong and sticky form of spider silk from glands on their wrists. Spinobu uses it to cocoon her victims, and immobilise opponents during battle. She was shown in chapter 4 attempting to replenish her stocks of drider silk via forced copulation with one of her male victims, however the author has not commented on if the silk is made directly from semen.

Superior Strength: Spinobu has arm strength significant enough to hold somebody by the throat while being pelted by hammers.

Superior Swordsmanship: Her skill with the Drider’s Fang is unparalleled. She can use a sword to deflect projectile attacks, sending them back at the attacker, and is shown cutting her own spider webbing off of an erect penis without injuring it in any way.



  • (To Nazi Chick and Blackfire:) ‘Welcome to my parlour.’
  • (To one of her victims:) ‘Now… give me your protean…’