RPG Review — World Wide Wrestling RPG

Note: This review was originally published on the now-defunct website Scrubhaus. Rest in peace.

Created by Nathan D. Paoletta

Spandex, powerslams, screaming fans, superhuman feats, folding chairs, Samoans with very thick skulls, The Rock. Soap operas with punches. You know, wrestling.

Powered By The Apocalypse has come a long way since the initial release of Apocalypse World 8 years ago, and a recent third wave of releases have pushed the system into new creative and mechanical spaces. Professional Wrestling, with its distinct characters and cliche plots, was a natural fit to the narrative-first approach of the system. Nathan Paoletta has gone the extra mile crafting something that emulates the genre perfectly, to the point that current and former wrestlers have attested to the game’s accuracy.

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Film Review — Mr. Vampire (1985)

Note: This review was originally published on the now-defunct website Scrubhaus. Rest in peace.

SBS (Special Broadcasting Service) is a government-funded TV channel here in Australia dedicated to foreign content from around the world. On any given night you could tune in and encounter niche cinema, high-brow anime, Eurovision, Inspector Rex, endless soccer, Turkish sitcoms, South Park, or the dulcet tones of Lee Lin Chin reading the news. One such lonely childhood night I channel-surfed my way into this film, and it was love at first sight.

Mr. Vampire (1985) is an amazing film that helped launch the Jiangshi film genre; a fusion of martial arts action, mythological horror, and broad slapstick. And all of it based around the jiangshi, an undead monster from Chinese folklore that can only hop along with arms outstretched due to rigor mortis. It’s not the first film of its kind (that honour goes to Encounters of the Spooky Kind) but everything kicked off from here, and they both share the behind the scenes talents of Ricky Lau. This is the spark that lights the fire.

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Thoughts on Blades of Fate

Recently I saw an article from Rob Donoghue, the quiet man of Fate RPG design, dealing with Blades In The Dark and applying its lessons to Fate. Give it a good long read, very informative. He ends up outlining a framework for using Blades-style resolution mechanics with fudge dice, a system he calls Blades of Fate.

HIt after the break to see my thoughts on the system, including parts Rob left incomplete.

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Savage World of Black Tokyo: The Ironclub Oni

This week we’re looking at the oni, one of the more famous and infamous creatures of folklore, creatures of great strength and honesty. Black Tokyo created a smaller bloodline of oni, the Ironclub clans, to explain how they can intermingle with urban society without standing out more than the average catgirl or android.

Hit the break to see what they look like.

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Savage World of Black Tokyo: The Hyakki Yokai

The Hyakki Yagyō (百鬼夜行, “Night Parade of One Hundred Demons”) comes from Japanese folklore, and as the name suggests it is a parade run by 100 different yokai. The source material combines this concept with that of a human-like suit operated by a vast number of mischievous yokai spirits. Almost always female.

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Savage World of Black Tokyo – Basic Classes

Black Tokyo was originally a d20 Modern campaign setting before being updated for Pathfinder, and it remains an odd fusion of the two. When converting d20 settings to Savage Worlds, the conventional wisdom is to represent the base classes via archetypes: Templates for starting characters with skills, edges, hindrances, powers, and gear. I felt more was required to build a foundation for the Black Tokyo content, since the bulk of the content outside of powers and equipment is class abilities.

Introducing the class package. Each class package is a collection of special edges based on a theme or archetype. You spend an advance to buy the class package, which gets you the initial edge, and unlocks the ability to buy the other edges as you continue to advance. You cannot buy more than one class package per rank.

Below the break I’ve converted the six base classes found in the d20 modern SRD to savage worlds class packages.

d20 Modern and its respective logo are trademarks of Wizards of the Coast, Inc., in the U.S.A. and other countries.

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Savage World of Black Tokyo: The Dodoma

The enigmatic Dodoma. Described in the source material as a race if natural thieves who are covered in 108 eyes. This seems horribly impractical to me, both in terms of always being treated as a thief, and that you can’t sit or lie down without putting a load of pressure onto a bunch of your eyes.

See how I converted them into SW after the break.

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